About Us

Panamericana Pictures© is a management and audiovisual production company specializing in the crossroads of Hispanic artists in the international market. We manage artists to create high quality content and guide careers with innovative and global strategies that try to create a new generation of Hispanics in the media that break the barriers of language. The company currently works on film projects and TV series in different stages of development and has clients such as Univision, Netflix, Dynamo, Grupo Modelo, among others.


Passion. It lies in all of us.

Our mission is to develop and produce high quality audiovisual content and building a strong network with artists, entrepreneurs and investors because we are passionate about telling memorable stories that comply with the artistic and commercial values that the industry demands.

Together we can do so much

We strive to become an international production and management company that constantly delivers the best of audiovisual content in Mexico by collaborating with other companies, innovating in our processes, and growing in our human resources.